Concept 2 Rowing Machine Craigslist

Concept2, Inc. is headquartered in Morrisville Vermont, near the major cities of Burlington, Vermont, Boston, Massachusetts and Montreal, Quebec Canada. Concept 2 was founded in 1976 by Dick and Pete Dreissigacker, who were Olympic athletes fresh off of training. The company started making composite racing oars but in 1981 developed the first indoor rower.

The Concept 2 rowing machines are the best-selling and most popular rowing machines in the world. They are used by Olympic athletes, cardiac rehab patients, CrossFit competitors and other fitness enthusiasts. Concept 2 Rowing Machines are the most searched for rower on Craigslist, eBay and other classified ad directories.

See the current lineup of Concept2 indoor rowing machines below.


concept 2 model d craigslist

Concept 2 Model D

Priced Used at $200-$700
concept 2 model e craigslist

Concept 2 Model E

Priced Used at $400-$950
concept 2 dynamic craigslist

Concept 2 Dynamic Rowing Machine

Priced Used From $500