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Welcome to the Rowing Machine portion of our website - the valley's best place to find cheaply priced yet high quality used rowing machines. From the popular Concept 2 to sport specific rowers from WaterRower, we carry all the brands, makes and models. Our primary customer base is the personal use and in home fitness enthusiasts however we can also support small to mid-sized commercial applications. From time to time we received large shipments of matching pre-owned rowing machines that would fit perfectly in a CrossFit facility or medium sized gym / health club. Please contact us if you are looking to supply your business with more than one rowing machine.

rowing machine for sale About - We are a full service used fitness equipment warehouse with all types of gym machines and fitness gear. This website is dedicated to one of our popular machines, used rowers. We have a facility location located in central Phoenix, Arizona where we house all of our inventory for rowing machines and other equipment. See our equipment page for more.

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Best Rowing Machine: Concept 2 Model D

By far the most popular rowing machine on the market is the Concept 2 Model D. Concept 2 is one of the most time tested and quality brands in the industry that was founded in 1975 by owners who were developing a piece of fitness equipment to help them train for the Olympics. Not only are the Concept 2 Model D and E rowers constantly ranked overall as the best machines on the market, but they are also top in durability and reliability. The Concept 2 is also commonly used in CrossFit competitions.

Check out this article on about The Top 10 Rowing Machines which covers the Concept 2 as well as other popular rowers from Stamina, LifeCore, WaterRower and more.

WaterRower Craigslist

Although water rowers are more expensive than traditional rowing machines, they offer the most natural rowing feeling. This is achieved through the application of a tank of water which supplies the resistance. Water Rower is one of the top brands for this type of rowing machine with their Oxbridge model.

Types Of Rowing Machines

Which type of rowing machine you select will depend on individual needs, fitness level and budget. While water rowing machines provide a more natural and authentic feel, they are general more expensive than other machines. Magnetic and Air rowers allow for digital tracking and display but cannot be folded because of a rigid central rail. In addition Air rowers may be too loud for all situations. Lastly piston rowers, are compact and can be folded up for storage, but provide more of an arm workout and a less natural stroke and shorter range of motion.

See each type explained below and links to our current inventory of Concept 2, WaterRower and other brands.

Types of rowers are separated by the type of resistance flywheels listed below.

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Concept 2 Rowing Machines

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WaterRower Rowing Machines

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Rowing as part of a Fitness Program

For information and tips on how rowing can be combined with a proper diet and training program, check out This website contains general and specific information about fitness, gym equipment, workout gear, supplements, diet and more topics.

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Rowing Machine Operation Disclaimer

Using a rowing machine can be dangerous and cause serious injury if operated improperly or under the incorrect conditions. It is the responsibility of the operating person to be aware of how to use each particular rowing machine. Rowing Machine Craigslist accepts no responsibility for any injuries or damages cause by operating one of the rowers purchased from us. We will accept returns or exchanges on undamaged rowing machines within 3 days.

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In addition certain training methods, techniques, devices, apparatuses and other mechanisms may not be appropriate for all individuals. It is not the responsibility of Craigslist Exercise to ensure the appropriate operation of equipment sold or the health/fitness level of the participants. Please refer to your medical professional for information on whether or not you are ready to partake in a particular exercise program, routine, machine or other piece of equipment. Thank you for your business!