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Welcome to the Treadmill section of our website - we are the Valley's best resource for discount prices on used treadmills and related fitness equipment. We have all of your in-home training needs covered. While our focus is serving the individual needs small private use customers, we can service larger gyms and organizations as well. At times we get large lots of matching treadmills that would be well suited in a small to medium local gym or health club. Please contact us should you be looking for used commercial gym equipment.

treadmills for sale About - We are a full service used fitness equipment warehouse with all types of gym machines and workout gear. This section of our website is dedicated to our most popular item, used treadmills. We have a warehouse location located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona where we house all of our inventory for treadmills and other equipment. See our home page for more information.


new treadmill One of our most popular pieces of exercise equipment is used treadmills. We get over 200 requests for quality pre-owned treadmills and stationary running devices every month. We typically have anywhere from five to ten on hand at any given time, however we cycle through inventory quickly. Because of the popularity of this item we recommend you grab them while they are available. Check out our Treadmills page for the current brands we carry.

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Best Treadmill Brands

While we are the best place to find low prices on discount used treadmills, we are not experts on which brand will meet your particular workout needs. If you know what you are getting into when purchasing a treadmill, then check out our current brands. However if you need a little help picking the right treadmill brand, or the best manufacturer for your fitness needs check out Treadmill Talk for real consumer reviews.

Tips For Getting in Shape

If you are looking for more information on choosing a particular training program, workout routine, diet strategy or other fitness topic; check out the website. It contains information on a variety of exercise topics, equipment and gear.


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Treadmill Operation Disclaimer

Treadmills can be dangerous if not operated properly. Additionally certain brands are of a higher quality and are designed for faster speeds or higher impact training than others that may be designed simply for light jogging work walking. Refer to Treadmill Talk or other online resources for more information about this.

Craigslist Treadmill Liability

It is the responsibility of the operating party (you) to be aware of the correct treadmill brand and type before purchase. It is also your responsibility for safe and proper operation of the treadmill purchased. Craigslist Treadmill does not accept liability for any injury or damage caused to the treadmill by not following the above guidelines. We do accept returns on full functioning treadmills within the first 3 business days of purchase.

General Website & Medical Disclaimer

In addition certain training methods, techniques, devices, apparatuses and other mechanisms may not be appropriate for all individuals. It is not the responsibility of Craigslist Treadmill to ensure the appropriate operation of equipment sold or the health/fitness level of the participants. Please refer to your medical professional for information on whether or not you are ready to partake in a particular exercise program, routine, machine or other piece of equipment. Thank you for your business!

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